Thank goodness for fat!

I recently read an article about a poor little puppy dog named JIffy that was left on a side walk over night. He ended up freezing to to pavement. Thanks to his many layers of blubber, however, his life was spared. At first this article was funny to me.  A fat dog that was frozen to a side walk? The only reason he lived was because of many layers of extra fat? How ridiculous? But then you think about who would do this. The owner ended up getting arrested for animal abuse and the dog survived after having warm water poured all over him. Animal abuse is a common thing and there are a lot of animal cops out there who are working hard to fight against animal abuse and neglect. But shouldn’t animals be able to take care of themselves? I mean they are animals for goodness sakes. What did they do before the days of fancy puppy sweaters and pet physiologists? It is very important to make sure that if you do own an animal, to take care of it and love it. I find it funny that this story was a topic worth writing an article about. It is a nice pleasant story of a dog surviving, but isn’t it kinda funny that the only reason he lived was because of all that extra fat? Good thing that owner decided to feed their dog constantly so he could stock up on all that lifesaving blubber. Though it is not completely clear the reason I am blogging about this story, I do feel, however, that it is important to recognize these little things and find the joy in them. Therefore, hooray for the dog whose life was kept by excess lard!



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