—–Social Life Online—-

Last night as I was “studying” for finals, I decided to take a little break and got online to check my mail and so forth. As I came around to check my facebook I noticed that there was more people online then there normaly is on a weekend night even. So I ask myself why are people spending more time on facebook and chatting online on the one weekend when there should really be….no one online?

Though the years of using Myspace and Facebook I have noticed that my conversations can go sour very rapidly in a very short amount of time, why is this? What could the difference be compared to talking in person? I have no problem with leaving a few post and throwing small coments at people online, but when it comes down to really comunicating I see a few flaws. One big thing I think it is lacking in a conversation is the ability to read a persons emotions while speaking, a freind can say something and without being able to hear the tone in which it was said you can take something completly different that the way it was meant.

In the past when I have chatted online I have completely misunderstood a freinds words and then gone through allot of trouble which could have been avoided had it been in person. So I’m not knocking online social life (well….sorta) but I somehow this came to mind when I saw everyone online last night.


~ by alpinepowder88 on December 8, 2008.

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