—-“Quiting Happens Once”—

I am going to write a little more about art & fear because to be honest this is my last blog and I couldn’t think of anything else to write about, and I will say that it is really interesting as well.

Again as I continue reading the arthur continues to give encouragment but also some warnings. I really liked the saying that you “only quit once” because after you quit there is no going back. It also went on to talk about artist becoming frustrated because they’re art is not mirroring what they see in they’re heads, A few of my teachers in past art classes have told me this as well and it sorta makes sense, but it still can be frustrating when working on something.

I really liked the example of the ceramics class and how it was devided into two groups, one group focused on quality and the other on quantity. The quantity group did better because they were turing out so much work that they learned as they went, while the quality was only focused on bring one piece to perfection and were unable to gain any knowledge. What I take out of this book is that as an artist I need to get rid of the fear of myself, myself and my expectations and the fear of not being a “god” at art are hurting the learning/growing  process.


~ by alpinepowder88 on December 8, 2008.

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