Fun with Texting


Texting has become a very popular form of communication over the last few years. Last night, my friend Jordan and I discovered a new way of using text messages. While studying for an art test with our friends Lee and Justin, Lee went back to his dorm to get his laptop charger. Unfortunately for him, he left his cell phone on the table. What else was I to do but mess with him? I added Jordan’s number to his contact under the name of our art teacher. Then I switched my name in his phone to G. Blair Dowden. Later that night, Jordan and I began to send text messages to Lee from his “art teacher.” Luckily, he fell for it. We had a good conversation with Lee about his study habits. He even asked his “teacher” if she was sending a mass text message to all her students. Next we pulled out the big guns. G. Blair “himself” sent a text to Lee about the HU Text Message Hotline and asked for the students’ initials as a sign of confirmation. When I…I mean Dr. Dowden received a text message on my..I mean his phone, saying DLP II (D. Lee Peffer II), we pretty much lost it. I had a nice conversation with Lee with me being President Dowden. Finally we revealed our true identities and this is what Lee had to say:

“Oh my gosh. I was so happy that I had gotten a text from the president. Dang you.”


~ by oncewaslost257 on December 8, 2008.

One Response to “Fun with Texting”

  1. oh gosh. gosh.

    you forgot to add that even though i totally fell for it, i responded to G. Blair’s question “how is the studying going” with a “pretty sweet, G.”

    i get some kind of points for that.

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