—-Art & Fear—-

I’ll be refrensing mostly chapter one for this blog post. As I look over chapter one I get a real sense of encouragement to be independent, the way it mentions that there is no certain breed on this earth that are only one’s talented with artistic skills. I understand what they were saying, but could someone who unable to get past drawing stick figures no matter how hard they tried be able to do something and it be considered legitiment art?

It seems to really encourage anyone who might be thinking that they’re art is not up to par with the art that is surrounding them and I totally agree that to our eyes our art will never be “finished” or as good as we might like it to be.

I thought it was interesting how it spoke about others not caring about our art, it talks about how the world doesn’t really give a crap about our work but or friends and family support us and therefore being an artist is a learning experiance for me as an artist and maybe every once in awhile I can create something that will grap the worlds attention. I’m not sure that I agree with that a 100 persent right off, it is a new idea that I hav’nt thought of yet.


~ by alpinepowder88 on December 8, 2008.

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