Why has hollywood been sucking lately?

I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems like hollywood has been putting out some real crap lately. The last 3 films that i was even remotely impressed with were Dark Knight (duh!) X-Files: I want to believe, and Babylon AD (was good, but i think there is a few things that could be done differently). One i say recently that really sucked was Max Pain. My goodness did it suck! It was a rather shame. the promos made it look so good yet the film couldn’t live up to what was advertised. Such a sad thing

Thats why i’ve been looking into the independent market lately. There is a lot of good stuff coming out of there, even a few that are hitting major theaters (such as Sunshine back in ’07). One of my favorites in In Bruges, which is writen and directed by an Irish playwright Despite the constant carpetbombing of the f word, it was a rather enjoyable movie. Definantly not politically correct. It is pretty much how the irish view the rest of the world. SEE THIS MOVIE! A few others that i’ll mention is Renaissance and Persepolis, which are animated features. Both are really enjoyable and Renaissance features the voice of Daniel Crage (the new Bond). It has that bladerunner feel to it which makes it so enjoyable.

But why does hollywood make crap these days? It’s because they play it safe to make money. By using the same formula, they are will always make something off their work. The independant market on the other hand has a smaller audiance and can take more risks. because of this one will come across more questionable content.

~ by thekiltedartist on December 7, 2008.

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