A free edititing program

As most of you know, final cut pro is pretty much the standard program to use here. Its great….if you know how to use and your at school. What about when your not and don’t own a mac? I stumbled across a free program that might be a good temporary substitute for final cut, even to those who do have macs. Now i’ve never actually used it, but it doesn’t look to bad. It can be found at http://jahshaka.org/ . It has everything you need to for video production. It has a video editing, motion graphics, audio editor and more. here are some of the things listed on the website in the “About” section: 

  • Edit with flexibility and speed
  • Create Effects in real time
  • Animate with unlimited features
  • Paint and design on moving video
  • Create music with all the tools the pros use
  • Work in any format at any resolution

not bad for a free program and it looks much better than Windows Moviemaker, which is the worse program ever. I can’t compare it to iMovie because i’ve never actually used Jahshaka. But you can’t beat free. Free is good, especially when it is a well developed program. What a lot of people do not realize is that every program you need for video production you can find free on the internet. Quality on some things is questionable, but a lot of the stuff is better than what comes standard on your Mac or PC (trust me, iMovie isn’t all that powerful, not after working with Final Cut). Granted, it might be impossible to find an open source program that can match Final Cut or Avid, but anything is better than what comes standard on your computer

~ by thekiltedartist on December 7, 2008.

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