Mystery Science Theater 3000!!!!!

One of my favs, and one of the TV series that I was raised on. All the amazingly horrible films they bashed, hmmm, good times. For anyone who has never watched this spectacular series I shall give you a quick insight. On Comedy Central, when it was known as the Comedy Channel, there was a small show, not really fancy but filled with great humor and witty comments, that starred Joel, the human, Crow, the robot, Tom, the gumball machine robot, and Gypsy, the female robot. The basic plot is that Joel has been shot out into space by an evil scientist and is forced to watch outrageously bad movies. He keeps his sanity by building robots to lighten things up through the movies. The movies are old and have terrible plots and acting. So the show is basically the movie with Joel, Crow, and Tom making funny comments and jokes towards the films. It was ridiculous but inventive and hilarious as well. The movies used would be unbearable without being made fun of. All the Ed Wood science fictions and cheesy Godzilla sequels were perfect fodder for the show. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a great show that lasted for many years. All the mornings I would spend sprawled on the couch watching Joel and the robots bash bad movies.

mystery-science-theater-3000 this is a picture with the gang with Joel’s replacement the equally cool Mike


~ by kkinnamon on December 4, 2008.

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