My first bad film

I’m hoping this post doesn’t get over looked in the frenzy of last minute blog posts. Seeing some of the intro to editing projects reminded me a bit of my first bad film that i made in high school. I would say it is up to par with the intro to editing stuff i’ve seen. Keep in mind i made this almost 2 years ago, my sr year, around this time of year

not the best thing in the world but not that bad. This is my first time making a short film like this, but it isn’t my first time doing any video related stuff. Since 8th grade i’ve been experimenting with iMovie and our digital 8mm camera. I’ve been doing stuff for my church and for classes when needed. So it was nothing new to me. However, what i was working with was. I was (and still do) using a Canon GL-2 and Final Cut Pro which i taught myself the semester before. This was my first time even toughing my dad’s camera. I grabbed a few friends and shot it after school. It took an hour and a half to shoot but i was satisfied with it at the time. This is nothing like the style i have developed now but it is a good foundation. Really this was just a rant about being ignored. I always felt that i was in someone else’s shadow. There was a girl i liked and we talked a lot, then she started paying attention to my best friend. that is where this rant is coming from.

To see what i am capable of now, check out some of my previous posts about my documentary containing the trailers or head over to In about 2 weeks the documentary itself will be up and running and there will be a link on there.


God Bless

Stephan Hughes

~ by thekiltedartist on December 4, 2008.

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  1. Hey, you forget to post this in your category. Please remedy that fact so you’ll get credit for the post.



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