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does anyone post here anymore…?


Fun with Texting

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Texting has become a very popular form of communication over the last few years. Last night, my friend Jordan and I discovered a new way of using text messages. While studying for an art test with our friends Lee and Justin, Lee went back to his dorm to get his laptop charger. Unfortunately for him, he left his cell phone on the table. What else was I to do but mess with him? I added Jordan’s number to his contact under the name of our art teacher. Then I switched my name in his phone to G. Blair Dowden. Later that night, Jordan and I began to send text messages to Lee from his “art teacher.” Luckily, he fell for it. We had a good conversation with Lee about his study habits. He even asked his “teacher” if she was sending a mass text message to all her students. Next we pulled out the big guns. G. Blair “himself” sent a text to Lee about the HU Text Message Hotline and asked for the students’ initials as a sign of confirmation. When I…I mean Dr. Dowden received a text message on my..I mean his phone, saying DLP II (D. Lee Peffer II), we pretty much lost it. I had a nice conversation with Lee with me being President Dowden. Finally we revealed our true identities and this is what Lee had to say:

“Oh my gosh. I was so happy that I had gotten a text from the president. Dang you.”

—-“Quiting Happens Once”—

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I am going to write a little more about art & fear because to be honest this is my last blog and I couldn’t think of anything else to write about, and I will say that it is really interesting as well.

Again as I continue reading the arthur continues to give encouragment but also some warnings. I really liked the saying that you “only quit once” because after you quit there is no going back. It also went on to talk about artist becoming frustrated because they’re art is not mirroring what they see in they’re heads, A few of my teachers in past art classes have told me this as well and it sorta makes sense, but it still can be frustrating when working on something.

I really liked the example of the ceramics class and how it was devided into two groups, one group focused on quality and the other on quantity. The quantity group did better because they were turing out so much work that they learned as they went, while the quality was only focused on bring one piece to perfection and were unable to gain any knowledge. What I take out of this book is that as an artist I need to get rid of the fear of myself, myself and my expectations and the fear of not being a “god” at art are hurting the learning/growing  process.

—-Art & Fear—-

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I’ll be refrensing mostly chapter one for this blog post. As I look over chapter one I get a real sense of encouragement to be independent, the way it mentions that there is no certain breed on this earth that are only one’s talented with artistic skills. I understand what they were saying, but could someone who unable to get past drawing stick figures no matter how hard they tried be able to do something and it be considered legitiment art?

It seems to really encourage anyone who might be thinking that they’re art is not up to par with the art that is surrounding them and I totally agree that to our eyes our art will never be “finished” or as good as we might like it to be.

I thought it was interesting how it spoke about others not caring about our art, it talks about how the world doesn’t really give a crap about our work but or friends and family support us and therefore being an artist is a learning experiance for me as an artist and maybe every once in awhile I can create something that will grap the worlds attention. I’m not sure that I agree with that a 100 persent right off, it is a new idea that I hav’nt thought of yet.

Alex’s Video

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Alex’s final project was fantastic. First of all, the song that his friend recorded sounded great. I think it was a good choice to change it from “October” to “November” because it created more of a snowy/wintery mood than a leafy/autumny mood. The story was told very well, especially being that it was all filmed in about two days. The editing was also very well done with the various fade ins and outs. My favorite part of the video was when the empty swings changed to being occupied by the girl and then back again. Although Alex said he wasn’t too happy about the special effects, I think they were really solid. Another great shot was the bathroom scene when the girl appeared in the mirror.

I honestly was not expecting that video. Not that I didn’t think Alex was capable or anything like that, it just surprised me for some reason. I’m still trying to understand how he did that all in just two days. I could never work that efficiently if that was all the time I had. Alex, if you’re reading this, just wanted to say that you have a lot of talent and I’m looking forward to seeing your next production.

Lars and the real girl

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For the first time it actually took some persuasion for me to watch a movie.  I’m usually not apprehensive at all about watching new movies but this time I was.  Then fianlly a buddy convinced me to watch Lars and The Real Girl.  It was amazing.  I laughed, I cried, I experinced every cliche emotion that one can experience during a great movie like that.  I couldn’t believe how long I had gone without seeing that movie.  Ryan Gosling played his role in the most charming way imaginable.  The casting seemed perfect,  right down to Bianca.  It amazes me lars_and_the_real_girl_movie_image_ryan_gosling__2_that a film can be so sensitive, so genuinely caring about all its characters, and, while without question is funny at times (and sad at others), Lars And The Real Girl is never mocking, degrading or lewd – a true miracle for a film about one man’s relationship with a sex doll, especially in this era of cinema where crude gross-out has become such a predominant form.

—–Social Life Online—-

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Last night as I was “studying” for finals, I decided to take a little break and got online to check my mail and so forth. As I came around to check my facebook I noticed that there was more people online then there normaly is on a weekend night even. So I ask myself why are people spending more time on facebook and chatting online on the one weekend when there should really be….no one online?

Though the years of using Myspace and Facebook I have noticed that my conversations can go sour very rapidly in a very short amount of time, why is this? What could the difference be compared to talking in person? I have no problem with leaving a few post and throwing small coments at people online, but when it comes down to really comunicating I see a few flaws. One big thing I think it is lacking in a conversation is the ability to read a persons emotions while speaking, a freind can say something and without being able to hear the tone in which it was said you can take something completly different that the way it was meant.

In the past when I have chatted online I have completely misunderstood a freinds words and then gone through allot of trouble which could have been avoided had it been in person. So I’m not knocking online social life (well….sorta) but I somehow this came to mind when I saw everyone online last night.